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I use to always follow the rules and listened to authority.I was diagnosed with colitis in 1978 when I was in the military. I was not medically discharged but did receive a 10% disability after my
obligation was over. I was prescribed the typically medications which worked 35% of the time in the begining. I lost my disability 1 year later because I did went for a check-up and I thought my remission was a cure. I was on my own after that. From 1980 - 2004 (over 1/2 my life) suffered exactly as described other people on this website. I never complained because other people in the world were in far worst conditions. But on the inside I felt sorry for my self for having such an embarrsing disease that was so disabling. One day Sept 2004 was directed to this treatment. Had nothing to lose. Bought 1 bottle. Worked in 1 month just like others have claimed. As a believer in God I swear on the Bible this is true and it works as confirmed by 2 colonscope exams (2005 & 2008. I kept it a secret from my doctor. I was reluctant to order back in 2004 because of the cost and that I was concern that it could be harmful. It has not be harmful to me and if the price was doubled I would pay. I lost 26 years of my life being a prisonor of this condition. But that's the past.

Somerset, MA

After suffering with colitis for over 25 years, the lord be praised, i am made well from amp floracel. NO MORE PAIN OR BLOOD IN MY STOOL AFER 4 WEEKS OF REGIMENT OF FLORACEL. I AM GOING ON MY SECOND ORDER TO END IN A MAINTENANCE PROGRAM TO FINISH OFF THIS TERRIBLE DISEASE.

MY internist doc doug lakin of scottsdale az was amazed and said this wonderfull and i gave him the info on the product.

David C
Chandler, AZ

This is the second time that I have used A.M.P. FLORACEL It is quite amazing how well it works. I follow the instructions exactly, change my diet as recommended and withing three weeks I see a difference and a total recovery within one month. I am so grateful to know about this great remedie.

Patrice-Maria B

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Colitis affects the rectum and variable amounts of the rest of the colon (the large bowel or intestine). The other main inflammatory bowel disease, Crohns disease, can affect any part of the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus. In around 10% of cases, it is not possible for doctors to distinguish between colitis and Crohns disease. For more information, please see the separate BUPA fact sheet titled Crohns disease.

Approximately 1 in 100 people are affected by colitis. The disease affects men and women equally and can develop at any age, but most commonly affects adults aged 20-40. It is not an infectious illness.

Symptoms of Colitis
The main symptom of colitis is frequent, watery diarrhea, which may be accompanied by cramping abdominal pain and the passage of blood and/or mucus. When the disease affects only the rectum - the final portion of the bowel, it is known as proctitis. When colitis affects more of the colon than the rectum alone, symptoms are more severe. The symptoms vary according to the degree of inflammation in the bowel and whether or not the lining of the bowel has become ulcerated. In addition to the symptoms already mentioned, there may also be:

  • pain on opening the bowels
  • urgent and frequent need to open the bowels
  • the sensation of incomplete emptying of the bowels
  • diarrhea, even during the night
  • nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • extreme tiredness

A number of other problems may be associated with colitis. These are more likely when the disease is active and include skin rashes, mouth ulcers, joint pains and anemia.  Colitis is defined as mild, moderate or severe, according to the frequency of diarrhea, the presence of blood and how generally unwell the person is.

Nutrition Guidelines for Colitis

Good nutrition is an important part of managing Colitis. Malnutrition may also cause people to feel more fatigued and some medications may not be as effective when nutritional status is depleted. People with Colitis may be at risk for developing malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies, which makes it more difficult for the body to heal and fight infection. With proper monitoring and attention to nutrition, these complications can often be avoided.
Here are a few reasons why people with colitis may be at nutritional risk:
" Decreased food intake due to decreased appetite, pain, diarrhea, or other symptoms (or fear of these symptoms)
" Increased needs for calories, protein, and some vitamins and minerals
" Diarrhea or other fluid losses can lead to dehydration if not replaced
" Some medications prescribed for colitis may affect appetite, taste sensation, or nutrient absorption
" Diet restrictions (which may or may not be necessary)

Colitis Diet
The recommended diet for colitis is a balanced diet focusing on adequate calories, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fluid. No specific foods are known to trigger colitis or make the disease worse. Therefore, there are no specific foods that must be avoided by all patients with colitis. Some individuals may have their own food intolerances or notice that certain foods cause discomfort. In such cases, those foods should be avoided. Nutrition needs may vary from person to person depending on the status of their disease, thus it is best to meet with a dietitian who can help you individualize your diet to best meet your needs.

Calories and Protein
It is important to take in enough calories each day to maintain a healthy weight. Your calorie needs may be increased when you are acutely ill. Rapid, unintentional weight loss places you at risk for malnutrition.
The inflammation caused by colitis may lead to increased protein needs. Inadequate protein intake may negatively affect healing and lead to muscle loss.
A dietitian can provide more specific guidelines for your individual calorie and protein needs, as well as provide you with more information on increasing calories and protein in the diet, if needed.

Dietary fiber is an important component of a balanced, healthy diet. Fiber is broken down in the colon into short chain fatty acids. The colon uses these short chain fatty acids as an energy source. In people with Colitis, there is no need to limit the intake of dietary fiber. Likewise, it is not necessary to increase fiber intake above the recommended levels for the general population. Recommended daily dietary fiber intake is 15-25 grams. Trial and error is the best way to figure out what amount of fiber you are able to tolerate in your diet. The amount of fiber tolerated varies between individuals and may also vary with an individual during a colitis flare.

Vitamins and Minerals
Calcium and vitamin D are nutrients important for healthy bones. Many adults do not take in enough of these nutrients. Patients with colitis are especially at risk because dairy products (which are the main source of calcium and vitamin D) are often avoided. However, such avoidance is often not necessary (see the section below on lactose and dairy products for more information).

The medication sulfasalazine may decrease absorption of the nutrient folic acid. If you are on sulfasalazine, your physician or nutritionist may recommend folic acid supplements.

Patients with colitis are at risk for iron deficiency due to possible blood loss from the colon. Iron levels can be measured by a blood test; supplements may be recommended if levels become low.
Your physician or dietitian may recommend additional vitamin and/or mineral supplements based on laboratory values or other information.

Other issues

Lactose and dairy products
Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products. Some adults have difficulty digesting lactose and dairy products due to low levels of the enzyme (lactase) needed to break down lactose in the small bowel. Symptoms include cramping, bloating, gas, and/or diarrhea after consuming dairy products.

Since digestion of lactose occurs in the small intestine (not the colon which is affected by colitis), patients with colitis do not have a higher incidence of lactose intolerance than the general population. Therefore, routine avoidance of dairy products is not needed.

If tolerated, dairy products can be a good source of nutrition for patients with colitis.

If dairy products do cause discomfort, they should be avoided or eaten in smaller amounts as tolerated. In such cases, discuss your calcium and vitamin D intake with your physician or dietitian.

More information on lactose intolerance is available from the Digestive Health Center; ask your physician or dietitian for additional handouts if needed.

Stress and Colitis

Stress can worsen symptoms of colitis. When a person experiences stress, the stomach empties more slowly and secretes more acids. Regular exercise, yoga, massage and meditation are just a few ways to reduce stress.

Patients with colitis should eliminate any foods or beverages from their diet that seem to make symptoms worse. The following suggestions may help:

  • Limit dairy products; some patients benefit from lactase-fortified products.
  • Try low-fat foods.
  • Experiment with foods high in fiber (fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains).
  • Eat small meals.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Talk to a dietitian.

Colitis and Pregnancy

It is suggested to wait until a woman's disease is in remission before becoming pregnant. Based on the general population, women with colitis have about the same chance as women without it, of having a healthy baby. Women generally have normal pregnancies if they were in remission at the time of conception. But, becoming pregnant with the disease is active creates a chance of the symptoms getting worse. You will be treated for the colitis to control your symptoms as much as possible.

There have been reports of colitis starting during pregnancy. The disease does not become worse just because of when it occurred. Even if one of your pregnancies was complicated by colitis, it doesn't necessarily mean your next one will. Also, with your fluctuating hormones and emotions, it's possible these factors may cause your symptoms to get worse.

AMP Floracel is a great natural supplement that has been helping people with digestive and auto immune diseases for over a decade.

AMP Floracel is 100% all natural and 100% non-toxic. It has NO side effects. AMP Floracel can be taken with any other prescription medications as well as natural supplements.

AMP Floracel contains:

270 Capsules per Container

Each Serving Contains: Proprietary Blend 500 mgs

+ Stabilized Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides

+ Premium Soy Lecithin Powder*

*Soy lecithin increases the absorption of the A.M.P. through the intestinal wall.

AMP Floracel has over two million Daltons in our product. A Dalton is what scientists use to measure the healing Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide (AMP) molecule in the aloe Vera plant. AMP Floracel has a unique proprietary process that extracts the healing molecule within one hour from being cut so the golypolymannons stay intact. It takes 8 gallons of fresh Aloe Vera gel to make one bottle of AMP Floracel. Our product stands apart from the rest because of the quality of our aloe and its special process. AMP Floracel has the most potent healing properties on the market today. Our product is manufactured using the good manufacturing practices and regulated by the food and drug administration and the US department of Agriculture.

How AMP Floracel Works

Normally when you have a burn on your skin, you apply aloe to heal the burned area. AMP Floracel works in the same way only in your digestive system. It coats your intestines so that everything flows smoothly. This is where the healing process begins. It will distribute the nutrients throughout your body and help boost your immune system.

We recommend AMP Floracel to anyone who is suffering or to anyone who wishes to significantly enhance their overall health.

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